10 Things I Hate About Myself With Antwaun Dixon


125 10 Things I Hate About Myself With Antwaun Dixon

Antwuan Willis “Big Kandy” Dixon is a pro skateboarder who rides for Baker Skateboards among others. He was born in Victorville, California and was raised in Carson, California. Several elaborate designs incorporate his birth date (est. 8/19/88), and a reference to his brother’s incarceration, (Free Killa Dee).

360 flip gaps or stairs
2: I’m a pothead
3: I’m an Alcoholic
4: I attract dumb girls
5: I cannot not finish a movie
6: Can’t hold very long conversations
7: I have to leave Australia to go back to California
8: I don’t have any more room to get more tatoos
9: My hotel room always ends up the party room
10: I have that I like shrimp so much cause it’s expensive stuff!

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