1980s Powell Peralta iPhone Cases


Bones Brigade iPhone cases.

Element Cases has put out a line of iPhone cases boasting the graphics from 1980s Powell Peralta skateboarders, and other “Skate Legends”. Steve Caballero, Billy Ruff, Christian Hosoi, Kevin Staab, Mike McGill. Check out this video for a huge hit of nostalgia.

The cases are cool because they are modular. You pick a style of bumper — plastic for $40, aluminum for $100 or $150 — and add in the back plate of your choice ($18). The graphics are hand screen-printed, in homage of old boards, so they have a nice popping, vibrant color.

You might notice a few people missing. Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero were in the Bones Brigade, but they didn’t get any case representation. Mark Rogowski was also a skate legend, but the whole rape, assault and murder thing probably discouraged them from making a case for him even though theres some freaks out there that would buy that shit. Like the people who try to buy serial killer art.

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