2012 Street League Championship Results

They came, they threw down nasty tricks, one man conquered. It was Nyjah Huston that took home the win this year at the 2012 Street League Championship in New Jersey, but the competition was unrelenting up until the very end. While Huston put himself in position to take home the championship, fellow skater Paul Rodriguez could have easily taken home the prize as the title was literally up for grabs on the very last trick.

Rod Dyrdek’s Street League has been going for a solid 3 years now, each year getting better and better, with new course layouts, and more legit skaters. Regardless of how legit the skaters may be, nobody seemed to be able to do anything to knock Nyjah Huston off his platform. The kid absolutely dominated this years contest, and even with a slight scare at the end, everybody was expecting him to win…except for himself of course.

“I definitely was not expecting to win, because when you expect to win, you lose.  All of the guys killed it so hard today. You have to land your tricks on the spot. The pressure is on. But there is no better competition ground than Street League, we always bring our best.” said Huston, the 17 year old out of Davis, California. Close to 10,000 fans had come out to see the pros do battle for the title, and Huston definitely did not disappoint.

Earlier this year, Huston became the first pro skateboarder to win $1 million in career contest earnings.  He’s won $500,000 this year alone, and sources estimate that, after last night, his career earnings are closer to $2 million.  When asked about how it felt to be a young skateboarding millionaire, Houston replied with simply “It feels really cool. Unfortunately, a lot of it goes to taxes.” That’s okay little buddy, because a lot of it doesn’t go to taxes.  In addition to the $200,000 cash prize he won, Huston also took home a Chevy Sonic and the Nixon Championship watch and ring.

Check out the highlights here from last nights contest, you won’t be disappointed, these guys came correct.

Congrats Nyjah Huston on your win last night, and enjoy that cash!

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