2013 Transworld Skateboarding Awards


Every year Transworld throws down some of the biggest awards you can get in the Skateboarding world. The15th Annual Transworld Awards were held at Avalon Hollywood last Wednesday night with a mixed crowd of skateboarding’s past, present and future.

New Era is responsible for the shin dig. DGK and Guy Mariano both received awards. Girl and Chocolate’s Pretty Sweet also got some well deserved limelight with an award. When DGK was awarded they felt that the whole team deserved some recognition so the whole team joined on stage.

Later on in the night Don Brown gave a somber speech honoring Steve Van Doren and awarding the Eric Stricker Memorial Award to him. Tommy Guerrero felt that he didn’t deserve all of the credit for his accomplishments in street skateboarding so he invited every street skater in the building to join him on stage for the Legend Award, going out in true legend style.

One of the coolest parts of the night was when they played ‘One Love’ A tribute video for Lewis Marnel.

Lewis Marnell tribute ONE LOVE from Jason Hernandez on Vimeo.

They ended the night with the premiere of Perpetual Motion.

I caught up with my friends Kevin Booker and Nikki Leigh of Playboy who were at the event to support all of their friends.

Kevin Booker:

“Skateboarding is not what it was years ago. Skateboarding is larger than life. You really catch wind of the power and energy it holds at a gathering like the Annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards. When all in the industry gather to celebrate, respect, and salute, where the new and prior generations mix.”

Nikki Leigh:

“There was such a great group of talented people in the building that night including my long time friend Kevin Romar. It has been great to see him skate at that level. Even Lil Wayne was there, just another indication of how far skateboarding has come.”

Side Note:

If you haven’t already you all should go and vote for Nikkie to become 2013 Playmate Of The Year here.

Here are some photos Kevin took at the event… Thanks Kevin!

Kevin Booker with Theotis Beasly from Nike
Screen Shot 2013 03 03 at 8.51.44 PM 1024x755 2013 Transworld Skateboarding Awards

Kevin Romar – Nikki Leigh – Jeremy Adams from The Skateboard Mag

Screen Shot 2013 03 03 at 8.52.08 PM 1024x765 2013 Transworld Skateboarding Awards

Lil Wayne – Kevin Booker

Screen Shot 2013 03 03 at 8.52.41 PM 761x1024 2013 Transworld Skateboarding Awards

Seems like I missed one hell of a party. Here is a list of the top awards given out that night.

New Era Readers’ Choice – Guy Mariano
Rookie – Gilbert Crockett
Best Team – DGK
Best Video – Pretty Sweet
Best Video Part – Guy Mariano in Pretty Sweet
Eric Stricker Memorial Award – Steve Van Doren
Legend Award – Tommy Guerrero

Can’t wait to see what happens in the world of Skateboarding this year.

-Stephen Rodriguez

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