5 Ways Skateboarders Are Different From “Normal” People


Lets be real for a moment and acknowledge the fact that skaters are NOT normal. This is not a bad thing of course. Why would you want to be normal? Normal is boring. Here are 5 ways skaters are different from the normal people all around us.

1. Skaters Wax Things

Most people grow up with dreams of becoming some fit and contributing member of society such as being a doctor of police officer. Now think about skateboarders….. Grown ass men running around town with candles in their pockets rubbing down rails and curbs while no one is watching so they can play slip and slide on a toy made in the 60’s. Bunch of assholes? haha

2. Skateboarders wear ‘Shoelaces’ for belts!

All you skaters may have forgotten that “normal” people don’t do this due to the fact that it’s so common in the skate world. Most people go and spend money on what they call a ‘belt’ to keep there pants up. I must say that skaters everywhere might just be practical in taking advantage of the fact that all those sick kicks they buy or get flowed to them come with extra laces that make for a great wanna be belt.


3. Skaters yell at things that can’t hear them…… a lot

This one is just funny when you are lucky enough to witness it. ‘Adult’ men yelling at the top of their lungs at inanimate objects. Most people get angry with things like printers and other office related objects while working at their ‘grownup’ jobs behind closed doors. Not skaters…. Oh no they are outside in public screaming at stairs and rails that just won’t give them a break! How about that crack in the side walk that decided to play superman with you? It becomes like that scene in Happy Gilmore where Adam Sandler is having it out with the golf ball that won’t get in it’s hole. Sort of sad at times.

4. Trick Testing with your hands… Really?!

You all know what I’m talking about right? Skateboarders have to start working up all of the possible tricks they can do when they find a new hand rail or 6 stair. There they are at the top of the stairs acting out what appears to be some sort of ballet or it’s clear that they are struggling with some sort of disorder. Normal people don’t do this.

5. The strange rituals of a skateboarder

Is it just me or do skaters all of weird things they do before a competition or before they attempt a trick? In my observation skaters are generally neurotic. They have to do things in a certain way or they just can’t do anything. Everything from stickering their board in just the right way to putting there board together in some exact order. A bit ridiculous?

This is just 5 out of many more ways skaters are not even close to normal. What other ways do you think skateboarder differ from the zombie that works in his cubical?

Stephen Rodriguez

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  1. Dillon

    August 8, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Um I’m a skateboarder and I am normal, sayying skaters aren’t normal people is like saying blacks aren’t people due to their skin color, also my firend who also is a skater has a good paying office job so while you are wasting your life ranting online us skaters will be outside enjoying life. Also you’re an idiot and need to find somthing better to do with your life other than make pointless blogs. You seem like you know a lot about skateboarding for someone who hates it so much, just saying. One last thing, shoe laces at belts?!? Umm no, I use a normal belt, and rituals before compitions? Yeah no shit we check our gear before skating, we don’t want to fall and die.

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