9 yo Slams Head on Pavement 100’s of times

tom schaar 1080

Evan Doherty, Next
1080 Mega Ramp Rider?

Right now, everyone’s talkin and tweeting about Tom Schaar and his success with the breakthrough of the 1080. Some are even discussing the science behind it, pondering the anatomical question of 12 year olds being more physically capable of performing the stunt than older pro skaters. Well, I am here to remind you there’s still other, younger (I hope that didn’t make me sound like a pedophile), child skateboarding prodigies out there and they’re pretty badass too.

Like 9 year old Evan Doherty, for example. Tom Schaar may have broke through the impressive 1080 on the Mega Ramp at Woodward West, but Evan Doherty is the youngest skateboarder to ever land a full pull on the Mega Ramp.

Really, I think I just appreciate Evan Doherty’s skateboarding more because he is younger (yeah thats creepy) and because of this video showing how much he goes through and how he just handles himself with his falls and slams. Not to say any other skateboarder doesn’t fall a lot, but this kid takes it a lot better than some of the crying fools I see on Youtube. In any case, this is a good video on persistence, because that’s what really shines out of Evan Doherty.

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