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California Girls Skateboards was inspired by fluorescent {images} of girls on rad 1980s Vision Aggressor decks.

{Pictures} Courtesy: California Girls Skateboards

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  3. Fred P

    April 5, 2011 at 7:08 am

    Here is some info on California Girls Skateboards.

    When I first started skateboarding in the 1980s, one of my favorite graphics was made by Vision Skateboards and was called the Aggressor II. It was a very 80s style of board, with lots of crazy colors and neon. The image printed on the bottom? It was a closeup of the face of a really gorgeous girl. No other skateboard had a graphic like that. Done in a very “cartoonish” manner, it wasn’t an actual photograph, but looked more like an Andy Warhol illustration. Totally rad. Nothing beats hot chicks drawn in day-glo colors!

    Then and now, most skateboards have very aggressive graphics on them – monsters or knives or distorted faces and all kinds of weird stuff. Heck, my first skateboard had a great big Nordic skull on the bottom! I thought it was cool. Boys dig those sorta things.

    But, like any young boy, I’ve always liked cute girls a heck of a lot more than skulls and snakes – that was why I always wanted a Vision Aggressor II!

    Influenced by the illustrated girl on the Vision deck and, considering I have been a photographer for so long, I wondered, “What if I started contacting the models I’ve known over the years, and we did a bunch of bikini shoots, and I used those pictures as skateboard graphics?”

    The lightbulb went off. The idea clicked. In fact, the idea seemed so obvious, so simple, I was convinced someone must have done it before. I almost dismissed the idea outright, just because I figured it had to be a cliché.

    Although, having been involved with skateboarding for so long, I had to admit… I never heard of anything like this before.

    Therefore, I researched and confirmed those suspicions – no skateboarding company ever released a complete line of skateboards like California Girls Skateboards. Granted, two or three small skate companies occasionally released 3 or 4 limited-edition decks with similar graphics, but none ever created a full lineup quite like this.

    So originated the idea for California Girls Skateboards. Inspired by fluorescent images of girls on rad 1980s Vision Aggressor decks, and modern printing technology reproducing photography on a skateboard, I started to define the “look” and “vibe” I wanted. Promoting “fun” and “upbeat” became the foundation of everything in California Girls Skateboards – no profanity on our website or in our videos – every aspect of California Girls Skateboards remains very lighthearted and never becomes vulgar or obscene. Maintaining such standards is important to us.

    Go ahead – laugh and call it corny. I actually like the idea of being corny and silly. I like the idea of showcasing girls who possess some decorum. During every photoshoot, I tell my girls – “Think of Annette Funicello!” – she manifests the ideal I am striving to emulate.

    Why Annette Funicello? Because the teenage Annette was beautiful and alluring, yet entirely wholesome and decent at the same time. Delightfully coy without being crass, as she grew older and started doing her Beach Blanket Bikini movies in the 1960s, Annette consistently maintained a respectable reputation. Despite running around the beach in a bikini, even my conservative grandmother admired the integrity of Annette.

    Some might say Annette is outdated and such ideals are old-fashioned. Truth be told, life is what you make of it, and staying classy never goes out of style. Annette embodies the moral fiber of self-respecting models I want on my skateboards; Funloving girls with grace and dignity who typify the sunny dreams of Hollywood and the California coast.

    I wish they all could be California girls!

    There you have it. Now you know where it all came from and why. California Girls Skateboards is a little corny, a little silly, and it originated from laughter, sunshine, beaches, beautiful girls and, most important of all, the joy of skateboarding!

    And thus unfolds the story of how California Girls Skateboards began…

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