Bill Erickson Loves Wood | Sustainable Skateboarding

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Bill Erickson Loves Wood | Sustainable Skateboarding.

Bill Erickson creates his beautiful longboard skateboards out of green-sourced wood and then takes the leftover scraps and turns them into other gorgeous products.

erickson longboards sustainable Bill Erickson Loves Wood | Sustainable Skateboarding

Erickson Longboards, his Seattle-based company, sells two types of skateboards online.

• $299 46-48in board made from eco-friendly United States walnut.
• $399 46in board made of madrone wood from Washington and Oregon forests.

The unique part about the way Erickson skateboards are sustainable is from the wood. The walnut and madrone trees were already knocked down or dead when they collected them. Erickson’s longboards are more of a work of art than a skateboard. Every Erickson Longboard is hand-crafted and custom-milled, and, because of the unique way they harvest their wood, every board is it’s own Limited Edition.

But wait, the sustainability doesn’t end there. After the skateboards are made, Erickson takes the leftover pieces and crafts them into cutting boards butcher blocks, and other sweet shit he sells on his website, making sure nothing goes to waste.

erickson cutting board Bill Erickson Loves Wood | Sustainable Skateboarding

erickson recycled skateboard rings Bill Erickson Loves Wood | Sustainable Skateboarding

Erickson Recycled Jewelry

Check out Erickson Longboards’ Website to learn more about their sweet shit.

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  1. skateboarddeckdesign

    May 8, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Hi! I notice your post that you have skateboard decks design. I wonder what wood did you use for your deck?

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