Blank Plank Limited Edition Decks


 Blank Plank Limited Edition Decks

Designer Karim Rashid created a limited edition skateboard for Blank Plank, titled “Fluke Art Plank Skateboard”.

“Blank Plank is a collaboration between street culture and art. Blank Plank sifts through the wide array of talented artists, product designers, graphic designers, photographers, architects, fashion designers, musicians and all sorts of creative outsiders to find individuals who strive to be different. Each Season (4) artists are exclusively invited to create a limited edition artwork for Blank Plank.” -Blank Plank Website.

The skateboard is only $60. Only 100 of this design are being made.

 Blank Plank Limited Edition Decks

The other artists in this season of Blank Planks include:

Matt Costa with his board titled “Under the Shady Trees Art Plank Skateboard”
mattCosta 1 Blank Plank Limited Edition Decks

2×4 Design Studio with their board titled “Vanity Art Plank Skateboard”
2x4design Blank Plank Limited Edition Decks

and “Anesthesia” by Aaron Kraten
 Blank Plank Limited Edition Decks

Tony Owen is a web developer, skateboarder, designer, musician, traveler and blogger. Founder of Arkitecht and Skateboarding Magazine.

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  1. Joseph

    August 13, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    not really my fav. :/

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