Danny Way’s Mega-Ramp Dream | Waiting for Lightning

mega ramp skateboarding

Danny Way Waiting For Lightning

“Danny Way’s ten-year-old dream of building his very own Mega ramp in his Kauai backyard, has finally become a reality. Here’s the story of how Danny rediscovered his dream and brought to life this never before been constructed ramp he envisioned a decade ago. See the full reveal of his dream Mega ramp in Waiting For Lightning, the Danny Way documentary.

Featuring: Danny Way, Colin McKay, Brian Harper, Christian Hosoi, Skin Philips, Jacob Rosenberg, J. Grant Brittian, and Jake Phelps.”

For more on Waiting For Lightning, a film by Bandito Brothers, go to http://waitingforlightningthemovie.com

Waiting for Lightning Screening

“Last night in Los Angeles, the new Danny Way documentary Waiting For Lightning screened at the Arclight Theater. We caught up with many of the skaters in attendance to find out what they were looking forward to, and on Danny Way’s influence on skateboarding.

See what Paul Rodriguez, Jake Rosenberg, Matt Hensley, Sal Barbier, AVE, and more had to say.”

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