Downtown Long Beach Skatepark Is Now Open


118 Downtown Long Beach Skatepark Is Now Open
On Sunday, January 17th, the youth of Long Beach, California got a brand new facility where they can exercise their passions and distract themselves from the hardships of living in what 1st District Councilman Robert Garcia called “one of the most dense and poor communities in Long Beach.” The new skatepark, which replaced existing equipment and expanded upon the site’s footprint, is a 8,000 sq. ft. hybrid style skatepark, consisting of TrueRide ramps and pre-cast Spohncrete features.
213 Downtown Long Beach Skatepark Is Now Open
I am a long beach local myself so I went downtown today and to my surprise I found a skatepark that was actually rideable and it had a mini ramp. I don’t remember what was there before cause i just drove through and had no desire to hit the few ramps they had. Now there is a fun mini ramp, a street course behind it that the young and the old (like myself) can have fun on. There are some concrete features built throughout the park that are mixed in with the above ground park and it was a nice use of space. There is also a kids section that is completely seperate which keeps them out of harms way.

After skating the mini ramp for about an hour or so I decided to roll through the street course with about 15 other guys. To my amazement I had no accidents and didn’t even have any close calls. The flow in this park is excellent in my opinion. Now I don’t have to go Houghton Skatepark or the El Dorado Skatepark if I want to ride transition in Long Beach. Here is the address. 1390 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, CA, United States

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