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Today, it can be very hard to choose skateboarding shoes because of the wide variety of skateboarding shoes that are offered on the market today. That is why I have chosen to share some of my favorite Element shoes with you through my Element shoes review.

• Element Quartz Skateboarding Shoes: These skateboarding shoes consist of four different features: suede uppers available, optional lacing, mid-top quarter in order to supply support and a cold connect construction. These Element shoes are known to put a rather interesting spin on the already existing idea of skate shoes. The Element Quartz shoes take the Dune silhouette and they push up all of the details in order to add value and interest. The Quartz skateboarding shoe maintains its simplicity as a throw back to all of its classic inspiration while at the same time take an approach that is more directional.
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• Element Men’s Slate Lined Skateboarding Shoes: Somehow, Element is able to hide skateboarding shoe within this very sporty casual. Within a very casual skate style, the soft suede upper, along with the seamed and stitched moc style around the toe, contrast all of the decorative stitching as well as the Element logo accents, that can be found contrasting the suede overlay located on the padded heel and then the complete lace up front that has a padded tongue highlighted by suede keeper panels. The ventilating perforations within the cushioned insole and the soft fabric plaid lining are just a couple of the other features that these skateboarding shoes possess.
• Element Men’s Jasper Skateboarding Shoes: These Element shoes bring a complete new meaning to the term “deck shoes”. The effect of soft corduroy, sport suede upper within a technical skateboarding style of shoe, with seamed and stitched moc style of a round toe, leather collar with lacing and grommets, leather overlay, and the logo detail of Element. The outsole of these shoes are grippy and board-ready.
During the time that you are shopping for Element Shoes, you need to make sure that you remember you are going to need skateboarding shoes that are going to provide you with the comfort and support that you need in order to be a successful skater. You should also remember that has a skateboarder you are able to express your own personal style, so you can choose any skateboarding shoes that you want to wear.
Just remember, they need to grip the board.

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