Epic Spots: Somebody Go Skate This Thing

dropin e1398258576480 300x284 Epic Spots: Somebody Go Skate This Thing



This thing has “Cover Shot” written all over it. Skate Photogs should be salivating. It’s a Mega-Ramp-sized quarter pipe that, thanks to designer Alex Chinneck, is covered in brick and has windows, doors, and a two block added to its landscape. Dropping in might be tough with no run out, but somebody can get tricks on this thing. If you want to be the guy that gets the shots, better hurry up. This thing gets demoed next year.

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  1. Scuffz

    May 28, 2014 at 8:52 am

    That would make a sweet cover shot, all you need to do is avoid being impaled by that spear topped fence… :X

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