fingerboard is a miniature skateboard. It has moving parts and the company Tech Deck is the most popular manufacturer of fingerboards. They have support from these major skateboard companies. You can practice may tricks on fingerboards like the ollie, shove it, nose slides, tail slides, flip tricks, grind tricks and so on.
111 Fingerboarding

There are many different ramps and obstacles made for fingerboards as well such as the Tech Deck Blind Stair and Ramp Skatepark with Real Metal Rails, Tech Deck 2-Piece Vertical Ramp Set,Tech Deck Skatepark Quarter Pipe & Grind Rail World Industries. They also make street spots like the Brooklyn Banks.

28 Fingerboarding
Here are some of the brands that support Tech Decks. World Industries Skateboards, Darkstar Skateboards, Birdhouse Skateboards, Black Label Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Element Skateboards, Alien Workshop Skateboards.

Here are a few video clips of some crazy fingerboarding competitions. Yes they actually have fingerboard competitions and yes they are sponsored by companies like Tech Deck.

Here is another one

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