Gandalf Longboarding

youtube you shall not pass

gandalf lotr skateboard Gandalf Longboarding

Gandalf Longboarding.

If you ever wanted to see a picture of Gandalf riding a skateboard, I just hooked you up because it’s actually a video. Funny video creator JesseEckel of Youtube, uploaded this video of your favorite Lord of the Rings wizard land-paddling on a longboard with his staff in this ten second traffic satire. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the self-explanatory term, “Land Paddling”, is the use of a long pole or stick while longboarding. The stick is used to propel the longboarder farther without pumping. The stick is also used to direct the longboarder in the direction they are trying to turn and can be used as a brake. It’s like paddling a boat, if you still don’t get it. Some companies, like Kahuna Creations, actually produce land paddles such as the Kahuna Big Stick for this very purpose.

It reminds me of a poster of Gandalf my friend had for college that said: ” If you do not study, you shall not pass!
The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the highest grossing motion picture film trilogy of all-time.
The first part of a prequel to the series, The Hobbit, is due for release at the end of 2012.

gandalf lotr longboarding Gandalf Longboarding

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