Google Thinks You’re Stupid | Google Science Fair 2012

Google Science

Fair 2012

Since Google likes to insinuate that skateboarders are stupid, they have Steve Caballero talk to you about what inspired him to start skateboarding and where his ideas come from, after he pressures you to participate in the Google Science Fair. And you should participate, don’t let them call you stupid, prove them wrong. Or make your kids. I missed the part where they actually correlated science with skateboarding. In their attempt to make education look more cool and fun, they missed a lot of good opportunities because there is a shitload of cool science that is involved with skateboarding.

google science fair 2012

Google Science Fair 2012

Kids ages 13 to 18 years old can enter by submitting their entry by 1 April 2012 for a chance to win fantastic prizes. This video tells you a little more the Google Science Fair:

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