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Gou Miyagi vs. Rodney Mullen

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Tony Hawk once said, “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.”
In this video, Japanese skateboarder, Gou Miyagi (Pronounced Go) shows us a unique free-style skateboarding technique that explores the notion of skateboarding being a form of art. Miyagi was just recently picked up by Heroin Skateboards.
Gou Miyagi

Miyagi’s Subspecies part:

Many criticize that Miyagi is too reminiscent of a young Rodney Mullen. Saying Mullen has done everything Miyagi can do now, plus more. Mullen is a true skateboarding prodigy who started at a very young age, as you can see in this video which ironically takes place in Japan.

Rodney Mullen 1984 Japan

Mullen does have a very different style with a lot more speed. However, I would rather see a collaborative skateboard film featuring Mullen and Miyagi together in some crazy, epic, choreographed, skateboard battle rather than argue about who’s better. Art is so subjective, you can’t definitively say one is better than another.

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  1. Fritzkafka

    April 23, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    It’s difficult to compare the two, especially when you watch that Mullen video from 1984. First off, that’s nearly 30 YEARS ago and he’s doing tricks that others still haven’t been able to nail. Secondly, for three and a half minutes, he hits complicated trick after trick and never once misses. When was the last time you saw a video with someone completing 1/10 the number of tricks? Mullen was just so technical. He’s untouchable. Miyagi is also amazing, but more in that Gonz, Lance Mountain, Neil Blender kind of way- improv and sense of humor. Old school amazing…

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