Hopsin Skate Challenge 2012

Hopsin Skate Challange 2012

Ever wanted to skate with a celebrity? YouTube sensation Hopsin would like to give you that opportunity. Now granted, Hopsin isn’t exactly Lil’ Wayne when it comes to celebrity status, but rumor has it Wayne can barely even skate. While he’s making tremendous progress, Hopsin isn’t just picking up the sport, dude has been doing it for years.

Judging by the quote below, Hopsin isn’t even a fan of  Wayne’s skating…

Wayne, skateboarders don’t like you. I’m telling you that right now. Learn, it’s cool learn, but don’t come out with all this huge buzz about you skateboarding because people like me get upset. And, other skaters feel the same way. The only reason skaters hang around this guy is because he’s Lil Wayne, but they don’t like him. I’ve talked to skaters, nobody likes Wayne as a skateboarder.” ~ Hopsin

Being that Hopsin isn’t quite on Wayne’s level as far as anything BESIDES skateboarding, we don’t believe we’ll be hearing from Weezy for quite some time on that account.

With the Funk Volume Tour currently going on, with Hopsin headlining, the up and comer would like to give one lucky person the chance to play a round of S.K.A.T.E. with him during the tour. Best part is…you get to win a dollar! But if you lose…you have to buy the guy a Slurpee? Hopefully you can find one for under a dollar. Check out the details below!


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