Great Scott! Hoverboards? Probably Not. Ha!


Could it be true? Hoverboards?

After some investigation:

Check out the website at There is a lot of speculation regarding this, however, after doing some quick google research, you can find that the MIT researchers responsible for developing the technologies described in this project as described on their website are in fact real. We’re not too sure if they’re implementing it in huvr boards though. We could only wish.

However, the legal terms aren’t very legitimate. Take a look for yourself. They may be selling huvr boards, but they most likely don’t hover. Just look at the swagger of Torrell Owens on that huvr board, that should say it all.

We also find it doubtful that they’re making a new Back to the Future movie this year. What’s the motivation behind this! This is pureee evillll!!!!! Tormenting us with their fake hoverboards. It is cool that power-lace shoes and so-called  “huvr-boards” will be ready for 2015 though.

It’s easy to doubt the reality of a spoof internet video like this but what if it’s real? What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments below or on our facebook page at:


1 Great Scott! Hoverboards? Probably Not. Ha!

2 Great Scott! Hoverboards? Probably Not. Ha!

3 Great Scott! Hoverboards? Probably Not. Ha!

4 Great Scott! Hoverboards? Probably Not. Ha!

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  1. Scuffz

    March 27, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    Although it would be cool to see this kind of technology available the way it’s shown in the video I’d have to say that this is 100% fake. It fooled some of my friends though haha.

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