How To {Build} a Skateboard Ramp Quarter Pipe


How To {Build} A Quarter Pipe For Ramp Skateboarding

{First} you will {^hk^hk26^^} to {^hk^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^^} on what size your quarter pipe is going to be and you will {^hk^hk26^^} a set of plans. Get {yourself} a {nice} workspace and you will {^hk^hk26^^} some {basic} tools which are listed {beneath}. {As soon as} {you have} got your quarter pipe plans and your tools and {Firsthk26^^} {Firsthkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^^} and lay out your Firsthk26^^. {First} you {^hk^hk26^^} to cut your lumber based on the size that you want your quarter pipe to be. {As soon as} {you have} cut your pieces to size, based on your plans, {it’s} time to {begin} {^hk^hk26^^} your quarter pipe {Firsthkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^^}.
1)Make {^hk^hk26^^hk26^^} your bracing is solid underneath your {^hk^hk26^^} sheet, so you {four}^} fall {five}^}.
{}){As soon as} {you have} built the framework, you {^hk29^} prep the {^hk^hk26^^} pieces of the plywood by soaking them with cold water for about an hour. This will make the wood a {^hk^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^1^} soft and make it {^hk^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^2^} to curve at the angle of your framework.
{^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^})When your {^hk^hk26^^} pieces have been nailed to the framework, sand and paint them to make your quarter pipe {^hkyourselfhk55^^{5}^}.
{^hkyourselfhk55^^6^})For a smoother transition, sand the bottom edge of the {^hk^hk26^^} sheet at an angle even with the ground. Duct tape or electrical tape {^hkyourselfhk55^^8^} be added to smooth the transition’s bottom edge. {^hkyourselfhk55^^9^} {option} would be to {place} a piece of sheet metal as the middle man {requirehk51^^} the ramp and the surface. This will make your ramp {requirehk52^^} longer and you will not {wear} the plywood as {quickly} this way.
{Right here} are the Firsthk26^^ {you’ll} {^hk^hk26^^} to {develop} a {^hkyourselfhk55^^6^} foot tall, 8 foot wide quarter pipe:
({}) {^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^}/4” 4×8 sheets Plywood
({^hkyourselfhk55^^6^}) {^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^}/8” 4×8 sheets Plywood
({}) 1/^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^” 4×8 sheets Masonite
(1) {} {^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^}/8” steel coping, 8 feet {lengthy}
({ten}) 8’ ^hk26^x4’s Preferably Douglas Fir
{} 1/{} boxes of 16 penny nails ( The {nicehk65^^} {lengthy} ones they are marked 16D at he {shop})
{} Boxes of Wood Screws 1 1/^hk26^”
{Well} there you have it a {simple} quarter pipe, the {products} you will {^hk^hk26^^} and the {price} depends on {exactly where} you {purchase} the material but this shouldn’t run you {much more} than $^hk26^00.00.

Make {^hk^hk26^^hk26^^} you have a {a lot} of space to cut out your transitions.

Make {^hk^hk26^^hk26^^} you leave a notch at the {^hk^hk26^^} for coping that is {extremely} {important}.

Get {every thing} dialed in and make {^hk^hk26^^hk26^^} your measurements are {correct}.

Your {carried out} now go skate your quarter pipe and have {fun}.

{by way of}: SkateboardPark.com

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