Is Quiksilver Going To Sell DC Shoes?

dcshoes Is Quiksilver Going To Sell DC Shoes?

DC Skateboard Shoes

According to the Orange County {Company} Journal, Quiksilver Inc. could be close to {creating} a deal to sell off their DC Shoes division. DC Shoes is a {strong} brand and has a {large} following but with the {economy} going down the tubes the way it is, {everyone} is {getting} to tighten their belts. Quiksilver is {speaking} to North Carolina’s VF Corp about this aquisition and VF {currently} owns Vans which is {another} skateboard shoe manufacturer.

dannyjump Is Quiksilver Going To Sell DC Shoes?

Danny Way Mega Ramp Jump


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  2. mazzdont

    April 17, 2009 at 9:21 am

    As I know DC shoes is good one for skateboarding, and I hope it is..

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