Jereme Rogers World Record Most Fakie Flips One minute

Jereme Rogers Breaks the World Record for Most Fakie Flips in one minute VIDEO.

jereme rogers fakie flip

Hahaha, it’s cocky but I love his overly positive attitude, “I’m not even gonna try, I’m just gonna beat it.” Rogers states at the beginning of the video. Then when he finishes Jereme says ” How many was that again? 24? Well, that’s the world record!” Haha, he’s a cool funny dude.

skateboarding magazine

These “skateboarding trick world record consecutive performance in the allotted amount of time” videos are getting very popular these days, with skateboarders replacing each other as the world record holder, on the daily. I just wish that would account for stopping rather than just time. One push off.

Check out Jereme Rogers Word Record breaking video below:

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