Joey Brezinski Talks About Alien Sasquatch

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Joey Brezinski Talks
About Alien Sasquatch

joey brezinski interview Joey Brezinski Talks About Alien Sasquatch

If you ever wanted to have all your fanboy/fangirl concerns answered by your favorite skateboarders, the S.T.A.T.S. interview segments by NetworkA on Youtube make the ideal place to start your stalking obsession. Watch it beneath.

Just posted today, Joey Brezinksi of Red Bull Skateboarding just had his S.T.A.T.S. interview with Nigel Alexander. Learn about everything from the new bearing business Andale that he began with Paul Rodriguez to the beta he received from Discovery Channel about Sasquatch’s secret meeting with aliens. Apparently, Sasquatchs’ and aliens are in cahoots and Big Foot has been spotted getting off of alien spaceships.

To give you an idea, here’s a couple of Q&ampA’s from Joey Brezinski’s interview.
Q:Preferred Book? A: MacBook by Apple.
Q:Preferred Skatepark? A: All over L.A. , the streets is my skatepark.
Q:First Board? A: Santa Cruz Salba Voodoo Girl.

santa cruz salba voodoo Joey Brezinski Talks About Alien Sasquatch

Joey Brezinskicff0478#39;s First Skateboard

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