Lakai Shoes Fully Flared Video Review

This is the Lakai Shoes Fully Flared Video Review. Lakai’s latest full-length DVD with footage of the whole Lakai Team. Features the likes of Eric Koston, Brandon Biebel, Cairo Foster, Guy Mariano, Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Scott Johnston, Jeff Lenoce, Rob Welsh, Danny Garcia, Anthony Pappalardo and others.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here. I don’t feel there are enough trees left to rehash why this video won. That horse has been taken out to pasture, beaten into oblivion, shot, incinerated, sailed down the Ganges, and sold to Pakistan for a small piece of cashmere.

So I’ll just get this out of the way up front to spare us all the culture-Guy, MJ, Ty, Eric Koston, Guy, Carroll, Judas Priest, Spike Jonze, Puig, Jesus, Guy, Pops, Mo, JB, explosions, Guy, combos, Brady, innovation, Guy, Olson, the new Questionable, Biebel, Cairo, Jensen, Guy, Bird, Band Of Horses, Lenoce, JJ, Welsh, S.O.T.Y., Guy, King Diamond, SJ, Feds, Milan, three-song part, Guy, Mercado, Lazarus, MJ, Guy, Guy, Guy, MJ, and onward. If you’re lost, go grab a fixie and roll up a pant leg. If not, bear with me I may actually succeed in writing something about the Lakai video you may not have already read.

My favorite part in Fully Flared goes to Rick Howard. And after you get done re-reading that sentence, I’ll tell you why. First off, he’s been my dude since Adventures In Cheese (’90) when he unveiled the Rick flip and convinced me that short-sleeve button-ups were my ticket to fakie mannys (they weren’t). He was my dude through Questionable (’92) and Virtual (’93) even over Carroll, Way, Duffy, and most shockingly Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. He was most definitely my dude in Goldfish (’93) the second he tre flipped off that curb cut to Otis Redding. His Lockwood line in Paco (’95) made me want to get those twisty little hair deals. He held it down for an injured MC in their joint parts in Mouse (’96) and Penal Code 700A (’96), even becoming one of the first humans on Earth to roll grind a tree and shred-a-late a forest (sorry, Element). His front nose down the church rail in Modus (’00) stands as one of Ty’s all-time favorite tricks he’s filmed. I’ll even give him Yeah Right! (’03), which he shared with a bunch of dudes’ “retirement parts,” although Gino clearly eclipsed his frontside 180 fakie five-0 frontside half-Cab kickflip to board splinteration. I’m stupid, see. I’m that big a fan.

With that off my chest, allow me to return to my initial argument. The full part he put out for FF, along with about two-thirds of the aforementioned ones from years passed, were filmed while dude was knee-deep running a company scratch that, companies. He is also the dude, along with Johannes Gamble, who, regardless of what you may have read in the credits after said videos, has pretty much conceptualized every Girl Films production since the dawn of SHT Sound.

In ’07, seventeen years after having made his bones with Blockhead, by all earthly accounts, Rick could easily have sat this one out and just thrown a few tricks in for parity. But he didn’t. Switch crooks flip in at 7th Street-solid. Fullpipe gap action-funtastic. Bluntslide the Girona three-stair to pop out over the gap straight-hell yeah. Switch nose manny fakie flip switch manny the Inglewood up banks-f-k. The dork poses-still got ’em. Hurricane to fakie at the Pink Motel Guy says yes. Nine-stair-wallride-yep. Fakie five-0 fakie manny to fakie flip the Sants three stair-Goddamn. Skating to Echo & The Bunnymen-priceless. The ditch gap ollie with the oversized hands-the clincher. Did you want to read about HD technology? Blame Canada.

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