Lil’ Wayne Attacks Photographer

lil wayne skateboarding news photographer

lil wayne skateboarding Lil Wayne Attacks Photographer

Lil’ Wayne Attacks Photographer

Our favorite, famous, skateboarder makes headlines again.
According to a report, obtained by TMZ. ( very reliable, I know ) A photographer saw Lil’ Wayne and his entourage skateboarding outside a church with a “no skateboarding” sign right next to it. What intelligent person wouldn’t take a photo of that? FYI this is a public place which means the photographer had every right to take any photos he wanted to. Anyway, the photographer, who shall not be named, said Wayne and his crew stopped skateboarding after it started to rain,
so he stupidly followed them to their car, taking pictures all the way.
That was his first mistake. Everyone knows skateboarding rappers hate to be rained on.
So, then Lil Wayne told his crew to take the dude’s camera. So, apparently, he was surrounded by about 8 men and intimidated him into deleting several of his photos. The photographer said one of Wayne’s friends spat on him, while another pushed him to the ground. He said the group also beat his bicycle with a skateboard. Obvious transportational hate crime right there. The guy eventually broke free and made for the Miami Beach Police Station, where he filed the report.

What I want to know is: where are the pictures that weren’t deleted out of intimidation? Pics or it didn’t happen. Especially, because I’d like to post them.

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