Mike Mo Is One Of a Kind – Dr Pepper Crushin’ [Video]


tumblr lv4o6fTJKn1r6x6ojo1 1280 Mike Mo Is One Of a Kind   Dr Pepper Crushin [Video]

MikeMo Capaldi and Dr Pepper have come out with a cool day in the life video. MikeMo rides for Girl and DC but so do other guys. MikeMo is not an ordinary pro skateboarder. He is one of a kind. Check out this video in 2D and if you have a pair of Red-Cyan 3D glasses be sure to check out the 3D version bellow!

2D Version:

3D Version:

Go check out the site by clicking this sentence to find out more about what makes MikeMo one of a kind and be sure to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a sick Skate Pack from Dr Pepper!

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