Oasis Skateboard Factory


The Oasis Skateboard Factory is a Toronto, Canada based school that was established to offer an alternative to students who are struggling with standard education. The school has partnered with multiple companies to teach students skills that they would need to be members of a skate company. Through a new and creative approach, it teaches basic subjects and how to integrate them into the world of skate and business, as well as how to manufacture the decks.  While it tends to attract those who have a strong passion for skating, it also pulls in students interested in street art and board design. Various projects offer community involvement opportunities, such as painting murals and real world experience, for example, some of the students have had articles published in skate magazines. With small class sizes, strong mentors and professors, and funding backed by the Toronto District School Board, staff and students alike are feeling good about the future of the school. And to top it all off, the school has shown to have a 100% success rate with all students passing credits. Don’t you wish your education was more like this?

Oasis Skateboard Factory @ G.E.T Schooled Launch Party from Maiko on Vimeo.

Give them a look on their Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/OasisSkateboardFactory

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