OC Skateboard Company Dedicated to Rescuing Animals

If you’ve never heard of Hendrick Boards before, you really need to check them out. Founded in 2011 by owner David Hendrickson, this Orange County based company is really trying to make it’s mark in the skateboarding world, as well as the world in a whole.

David, a native of Northern San Diego, founded Hendrick Boards for his rescue dog, William. Three years ago, while volunteering at a local animal shelter, saw William, a tiny chi-mix brought into a local animal shelter. The puppy had been poisoned via his mother who had ingested household chemicals. Unfortunately for William, he wasn’t expected to live very long, a few months tops. Upon hearing of this, David started the adoption process right then and there.

David, an avid artist and skateboarder, started Hendrick Boards and started to create a wide variety of skateboards and apparel in an attempt to give back to animal shelters and pet adoption programs across the nation. Little did David know, the company was about to take off, and now has partnerships with over 150 animal rescues nationwide.

Today, every purchase gives back to animal shelters and rescues throughout the nation – from 20% to 40% of the purchase price!

With the help of his two brothers Darren and Donny, Hendrick Boards now designs and creates an array of skateboarding gear, from children’s, men’s, and women’s clothes, to accesories as well as long and short boards. Hendrick Boards produces eco-friendly handcrafted maple and bamboo skateboard decks, even the paint and stain that is used contains coffee grounds, which helps to give Hendrick Boards there own distinct look.

If you’re looking to for some new gear, a way to help the environment and a way to help rescue some animals in need, check out Hendrick Boards, you won’t be disappointed.

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