Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder


oscar limbs Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder

Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder.

“You know, there wasn’t like another handi-cap kid down the block I could hit up or anything.”

oscar Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder

Oscar Loreto is a skater from Los Angeles. He’s also missing his left foot and nine of his fingers. Oscar was born with a congenital birth defect that affected the development of his left foot and both hands. He started skateboarding to show others that he could conquer his challenge.
“Society has these images of like, perfect, and, you know, a lot of people that are missing limbs and whatnot think they don’t fall in that category. They just dont realize that they do. If you really want it, you’ll learn how to ollie.” says Loreto.

oscar loreto adaptive Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder

Whether he meant to or not, he’s inspiring others among the handicap community.
“Inspired is putting it lightly, like blown away, basically.” said writer Rob Brink, referring to the first X-Games Adaptive Sporting event.

oscar skateboarding Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder

Oscar credits his own inspiration to an edition of CCS he was flipping through where he saw pictures of Jon Comer doing kick flips. Jon Comer is the first professional skateboarder with a prosthetic which he had for an amputated lower leg.

oscar adaptive clinic adacs Oscar Loreto One Legged Skateboarder

Adaptive Action Sports (or ADACS) is an organization that helps people with permanent disabilities like himself find confidence through skateboarding and other things like surfing and snowboarding.

For more info on Adaptive Action Sports, pick up our latest issue or visit adacs.org
Visit www.sbcskateboard.com for more original videos.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Norton

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