Product Review: Volcom – Solid Scallop Boardshorts

So you might be wondering why a skateboarding website is reviewing boardshorts, or maybe you aren’t because you know that Memorial Day has come and gone (Thank you to all those that have, continue to, and will sacrifice for the USA) and that everyone needs a good pair of trunks to rock at the beach or on the boat. So when Volcom sent me a pair of their Solid Scallop Boardshorts, I was stoked to give them a try.

VolcomStone 300x300 Product Review: Volcom – Solid Scallop Boardshorts

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, my mom got me swimsuits with some weird nuthugger liner in them that I had to cut out because having built-in whitie tighties cramped my style – if you know what I mean. Ever since then, I’ve been pretty picky about what I use to cover the man bits when there’s a good chance I’ll be jumping in the drink.

Front 300x300 Product Review: Volcom – Solid Scallop Boardshorts

Having said that, these are rock solid boardshorts. At first, I was nervous about how they would fit because they don’t have the latest in lightweight fabric or 4 way stretch material like some of the stuff you see pro surfers rocking. After I put them on, all my worries subsided. Seriously, the marketing kids at Volcom weren’t kidding when they said “the shorts are clean-looking, with a vintage attitude, classic style, and broken-in feel.” Whoever wrote those descriptions should get a bonus, because it’s all true. They looked clean, felt like I’d owned them for a few years, and the 20 inch inseam kept the hem comfortably between the two fit extremes of awkwardly hipster short and awkwardly 90s rap/rock fan long.

Side 300x300 Product Review: Volcom – Solid Scallop Boardshorts

I’ve been a fan of Volcom for a long time, because they  tend to  get things right. These shorts are no exception. If you are planning to spend some time at the beach this summer and need a new pair of boardshorts, head on over to Volcom’s website or your local surf shop and grab a pair of the Solid Scallop Boardshorts, you won’t be disappointed.

Back 300x300 Product Review: Volcom – Solid Scallop Boardshorts

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