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122 Radically Extreme The Danny Way
Here is a little background information about Danny Way. Danny went pro in 1989 at the age of 15 and was a child prodigy. To this day he is well known for his technical innovation and for paving the way of skateboarding over-sized structures.
In addition to being the only person to ever leap from a helicopter onto a vert ramp on a skateboard, Way has also set and broken six world records. He currently holds the world records for highest air out of a quarterpipe at 23-feet, 6-inches, and distance on a skateboard at 79-feet. He set the last record in 2004 at X Games X with officials from Guinness World Record on-hand.
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Danny has had some personal setbacks and they come along with the job. Some of those setbacks include a broken neck in 1994, a dislocated shoulder, and injuries requiring seven surgeries between 1999 and 2002. Way has continually proven his athletic skills as well as his dedication to the progression of his sport. Highly regarded within the action sports community as a pioneer and a visionary, Danny has repeatedly challenged the limitations set by other athletes and himself, breaking his own records when no one else could.
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Danny Way Bomb Drops From The Fender Stratocaster atop the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas
On April 6, pro skateboarder Danny Way smashed the “Bomb Drop” world record by freefalling 28 feet from the Fender Stratocaster guitar atop the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas onto a ramp below.
Key Facts of the world record jump:
-Freefall World Record – measured and confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records: 28’/8.53m
-Height of drop-in spot on guitar: 78’/23.77m;
-Height of the landing ramp 56’/17.1m. Width of landing ramp 24’/7.27m; Flat bottom 64’/19.4m;
-Height of quarterpipe 27’/8.2m; Width of quarterpipe 48’/14.54m.
-Previous record 12’ 3.6” held by Adil Dyani.

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