Real Skateboard’s New Brockweight Deck


The guys over at Real Skateboards just never seem to let us down. In one of the more humorous graphics we’ve seen lately, Real teamed up with the stud who is Justin Brock (who also happens to skate for Nike) and unleashed a new deck that will be sure to make you look twice. Guaranteed to give you more “pop,” the deck has a hidden message behind the plain as day Shake Weight inspired graphic. What’s so cool about it is that in normal conditions, it looks just like a regular deck, but as soon as you take it out into the sun, that’s where the magic begins. The hidden graphics come true to life in the sunlight, so while you can show your mom indoors, she may not be too happy watching you ride it outdoors. Check out the video below to see what we mean and if you’d like to pick one up for yourself, the Brockweight will be available in Real’s new 2012 Fall Catalogue which is definitely worth checking out anyways.

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