Rob Dyrdek’s DNA Distribution Expands


Street League creator, professional skateboarder, and reality television superstar Rob Dyrdek is merging an action sports licensing company with his company DNA Distribution that he purchased earlier this year from snowboard giant Burton.

In an announcement late last month, Irvine, California based La Jolla Group, which manages surf brands Rusty and O’Neill¬†and moto brand Metal Mulisha , will head up operations and business support for DNA. The agreement is part of a larger partnership between DNA and marketing firm Anthem Media Group.

Trying to reach a broader range of consumers, there has been reports of offering an expanded selection of skate apparel and accessories from DNA’s skate brands which include Habitat, Reflex, and Dyrdek’s board sponsor for the past 20 years, Alien Workshop, a brand he helped create.

“This partnership merges great talent and great brands with a proven operator suited for the youth lifestyle market,” said Toby Bost, a founding investor of Anthem Media Group and CEO of La Jolla Group. “By combining our expertise in design, manufacturing, marketing, operations and technology, this relationship creates a joint venture that is not only relevant but game-changing.”

“It’s a great opportunity to redefine DNA Distribution and develop our brands authentically,” added Dyrdek.

With Alien as its cornerstone brand, DNA was launched in 1990 in Dayton, Ohio, by Chris Carter and Mike Hill. Burton purchased the company in 2008 and held it until earlier this year.

In the April announcement of Dyrdek’s acquisition of DNA from Burton, Carter said, “We look forward for what’s to come with Rob and DNA. Rob has shown his dedication for the past 20 years and we are excited to continue to build the brands.”


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  1. Steve H

    September 12, 2012 at 8:02 am

    dyrdek is a “television superstar???????” on what freakin planet is that a fact? on earth, he’s a d-lister with no personality. and then there’s this

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