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Rooty Tooty Fresh Sexy Fruity Booty: Venice Beach Skate Park

Skateboard Contests

Supergirl Jam took place on Venice Beach, CA, bringing out the best female athletes in the disciplines of inline, snowboard, skateboard, and surf. Inline was a best trick contest, judged solely on individual tricks, in a 15 minute jam session. You could fall the entire time and have one great trick that could win.
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1. Coco Sanchez (Distaster sweat stance to fakie)
2. Aarin Gates (Negative fishbrain)
3. Fallon Heffernan (Alley oop top soul)
4. Chynna Weierstall (360 true spin mizou)
5. Katie Ketchum (Top soul to alley oop unity)
6. Shannon Rodgers (Backside Torque)
7. Fabiola da Silva (Alley oop porn star)
8. Crissy Grasselli (Bin soul)

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