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Ryan Sheckler Gives Away Pimped out Range Rover

On Sunday, April 27th Ryan Sheckler a professional skateboarder, handed over the keys to his pimped out 2003 Range Rover to Drake Kemper. He raised almost $40,000 for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Ryan also anted to congratulate the runners up, Camryn Hanna and Sean Pawelec who each raised over 30,000. Your response to this cause was amazing said Sheckler, thank you to everyone who articipated, you raised over $200,000 for CCRF.

Ryan Sheckler donated his 2003 Range Rover to Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) to encourage and motivate people to raise money for CCRF. From January 8th through April 10th, 2008 participants had the chance to enter to win Ryan’s Ranger Rover by raising the most funds for this cause.

Ryan presented the Range Rover to Drake Kemper who raises the most money for CCRF at their annual 5k RUN/WALK on April 27th, 2008. Kemper raised the most loot out of everybody and that amount was $37,793 to be exact.Sheckler said that cancer has affected our family and so many of our loved ones. We want to help make a difference and raise funds to find a cure.

“Ryan Sheckler is an authorized, unpaid spokesperson for Children’s Cancer Research Fund and is not compensated in any way. 100% of money raised goes to Children’s Cancer Research Fund.” Way to go Ryan you are a true hero with a big heart!

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