Skateboard Building School

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to build your own skateboard, aside from just customizing your own grip tape, trucks and wheels, now you can.

skateboard school

At the acclaimed world’s first deck building school in Toronto, Roarockit, you can choose from a variety of building sessions. Make a skate deck, pintail, or a more advanced drop deck. Geared toward kids and after school programs, most of the courses offered have a minimum age requirement of at least 15 years old with the exception of 2 classes that allow for boarders 10 and up to learn how to build their own skate decks.

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Using Roarockit’s patented Thin Air Press (TAP) technology, students build their boards using 100% Canadian maple 1/16” veneer sheets. Canadian maple, renowned as the best skateboard building wood in the world, is documented to be 10% stronger than other maples available. After they learn how to laminate a 3 dimensional deck in the Thin Air Press, finish it, design and apply their own graphics , students are left with a quality deck that is entirely hand-made.

Roarockit also receives attention for their unique stairway at the school which is appropriately made out of skate decks.
skateboard stairs


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