Skateboard Wheel ReDesign Made for Carving


ARIS Blade Runner Carving Skateboard

What does surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding have in common? Carving. If you’re surfing or snowboarding you can actually carve into the substance you are riding on, as epic and metal as it would be, that’s just not going to happen with a skateboard and pavement. While there have been a few innovations to skateboard designs to help carve better like the pivoting-truck-equipped Streetcarver, the Freebord and the RipStik, none of them altered the design as noticeably as ARIS’ Blade Runner.

aris 4 300x168 Skateboard Wheel ReDesign Made for Carving

The cone shaped wheels gives the whole skateboard a stellar look and allows the board to tip more deeply into turns. The new design is better for carving; curved wheels allow the skateboard deck to roll at extreme angles, allowing the rider to cut sharp turns while maintaining balance and control of the skateboard even at low speeds.

You can get one of these bad boys on their website for about $220.

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