Skateboarders Take Over Mansion

A Middle-Eastern skateboard crew, known as theBedouins, recently took over a mansion in Tunisia.
Previously owned by Imed Trabelsi, construction minister of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the skate crew revamped the rubbled mansion in an effort to enhance world peace through “skateboarding artivism”.
With help from the locals, The Bedouins turned the mansion into a recycled skate park, graffiti-art, exhibition.

The Bedouin’s vision is:
“To contribute to the enhancement of world peace, with a commitment to inspire peaceful resolution of conflicts through human experiences that resonate across divides.”

Their mission?
“Pushing skateboarding and street art as instruments of peace.
Specifically, we will develop creative projects for the youth that inspire humanity by blending skateboarding and arts with history, facts, and perspectives of real people living the conflicts. These educational projects will focus on conflict-ridden regions worldwide and will facilitate meaningful dialogue as well as encourage individuals to use their unique talents for peace.”

Tunisia is just one of The Bedouins projects, learn more about what they’re doing on their website or their Facebook.


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  1. Nathan Gray

    January 26, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Hi Dude,
    Our film PUSH Tunisia is now up on Vimeo for everyone to watch, if you are interested in updating your post about it, that would be great.

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