Skateboarders Vs. Judge Judy


Three thousand dollars. That’s what it could possibly cost you if you decide to trick off a bench and you find yourself on the wrong end of Judge Judy’s finger. Thom Randall of the  Adirondack Journal put together a piece describing a legal dispute which pitted two local skateboarders against a Lake George business owner was featured in a Tuesday Sept. 11 episode of the Judge Judy show. But THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS? Come on!

To make a long story short Frankie Cavone of Lake George, a skateboarder who has been working for years to establish a local skateboard park, and Chris Brauser of Warrensburg, appeared in a Judge Judy showdown in which Gerald Bongiorno, owner of the Hawaiian Shaved Ice kiosk in the Village Mall, sought nearly $3,000 in compensation from Cavone and Brauser for alleged vandilism…and won.

On March 18, Cavone and Brauser were skateboarding at the lakeside entrance to the mall. Shortly after they found what appeared to be an old beat up picnic table, and they decided to place it against the mall’s steps to use it as a skate ramp. Cavone videotaped some of the skateboarding for a graphics project and posted it on YouTube. A Lake George High School graduate, Cavone is a student at Hudson Valley Community College, concentrating in video production and broadcasting.

The problem is, the picnic table wasn’t exactly not in use anymore, it actually belonged to the business owner Bongiorno, so he took it to the Lake George Town Court in which he sued for several hundred dollars in damages to said picnic table.

Bongiorno then contacted the Judge Judy Show producers, and they decided to take on the case, transferring it from town court.

Cavone said that during the taping of the episode, he mentioned his work to establish the Lake George Skateboard Park, now nearing construction in the Charles Wood Park.

As can be expected from the ever pleasant Judge Judy, she was less than friendly to the two skateboarders, and awarding Bongiorno $2,795 for a new picnic table, and to compensate him for vandalism that Cavone said wasn’t at all related to the incident. They said that his original claim of several hundred dollars in town court got inflated to $2,795 for television.

Bongiorno declined to comment when called this week regarding the case. The twist is this, which would probably not hold up in real court, Judge Judy said they were responsible because they might know the skaters who caused the other vandalism on the property.

On the show, Bongiorno pledged to donate his court award to the Lake George Skateboard Park development fund. As of yet contacted members of the skateboard park development committee said they hadn’t yet seen such a donation materialize.

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  1. 151 Threads

    September 17, 2012 at 10:01 am

    This is the reason that the harmless are resentful to the JUDICIAL SYSTEM and why we are working to increase the skate scene. Screw the ratings…ain’t nothing just about this!

  2. Joseph Pope

    October 7, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Are you friggin’ kidding me? A”college” student so stupid that he not only vandalized someone else’s property, video tapes it and publishes it, but then states that “this never would have happened if we had a skate park” . Yeah, well i never would have robbed that bank if someone had given me money. I wonder if Cavone rhymes with moron….

  3. Chris brauser

    July 2, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    well seeing as how people seem to think that we unknowingly vandalized sombody elses belongings you are just as much of a moron as you are claming us to be my friend, the picnic table was ruined when we got there from previous skaters and leaving the table out all winter…. who dose that? somone who didnt care much about there table thats who. hands down all other acusations aside we did skate the table but, to say that we did all that other stuff is just untrue. as for joe pope; You can kiss my ass you uptight jerkoff.

    • Vincent Cuoco

      March 16, 2014 at 8:36 pm

      Just a little tid-bit, The Shaved Ice shop owner was a Rap artist from the early 90s called Bonjornio and the F.B.I Posse. How do I know that you might ask ,well I happened to be in one of his videos for the song “Rollin With The Boyz” filmed in Palm beach. The good Ole days!

      • Vincent Cuoco

        March 16, 2014 at 9:00 pm

        I spelled his name wrong Bonjiorno, Sorry G- Man

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