Skateboards: Good for beating Nazis


On Tuesday July 15th, 2008 in Calgary, the ARA sent a clear message to all neo-nazis and the Aryan Guard of Calgary. We will not tolerate a Nazi Gang in this town! Disappear!

Today, a Neo-Nazi gang member of the Aryan Guard was knocked out after he attacked a multi-racial group of youth, punching and spitting on them.

Members of the Anti-Racist-Action went to the Calgary skate park to hand out posters against racism. They warned youth in the Calgary skatepark of a local White supremacist recruiter, Willis. Willis is an active member of the Aryan Guard and attends their protests. He would go to the Calgary Skate Park almost every day to recruit white skateboarding youth. He would also teach children as young as ten to fight, and give underage youth cigarettes to gain favor.

When ARA left the park Willis was seen giving a heil Hitler salute from the balcony of his apartment. He left the balcony and came down to attack the group of ARA members. The result of this attack, was that Willis was left unconscious on the ground.

ARA believes that the skatepark belongs to all youth, not just Nazis and their sympathizers. We went to take it back and declare it a Nazi-free zone. Young kids should be able to skateboard in peace!

Lets show the Aryan Guard they are not welcome on our streets. This article is from the 325 Collective and we support what they are doing for sure!

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  1. Rick

    March 19, 2013 at 1:19 am

    If somebody made a sticker that said “Good night black pride”, with a person beating a black person on the ground, people would say it was pretty hateful & racist. Same if somebody made a sticker that said “Good night Latino pride”, with a person beating a latino person of color on the ground. Just saying.

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