Slow Motion Frontside Nosegrind


Super Slowmo Skateboarding Shots

Aside from the music, this is one of the best slow-motion skateboarding videos I have seen. The part that especially makes me wet is at 1:11 when this skateboarder does a frontside nosegrind and you can see every little piece of paint getting scraped off the bar and falling to the ground. I didn’t realize how beautiful destruction could be, aside from fun.

What makes this video better than the other slow motion skateboarding videos we have seen and posted is specifically the shots and angles the videographer got with all these shots. There’s a good variety, not the same thing over and over again played at different speeds, and just ultimately different and unique.

slowmo skateboard 1 Slow Motion Frontside Nosegrind

Here’s a few more examples of some sweet photo stills of this slow motion skateboarding.

slow motion skateboarding Slow Motion Frontside Nosegrind

slow motion skateboarding 2 Slow Motion Frontside Nosegrind

slow motion ollie Slow Motion Frontside Nosegrind

slow motion nosegrind Slow Motion Frontside Nosegrind

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