Art Driven Apparel Brand Continues to tell it’s story through Athletes, Artists, and Musicians, most recently adding Mike Vallely to the Sullen Art Collective

Los Alamitos, Calif. (January 16th, 2013) — Sullen Clothing, the art-driven lifestyle apparel brand based in Orange County, Calif., announced the addition of Pro Skateboarder Mike Vallely to the Sullen Family of sponsored athletes, artists and musicians.

Discovered by Stacy Peralta in 1986, Mike Vallely would go on to turn pro in 1987 and pioneer raw street skating and the east coast aesthetic itself. Although he first appeared on the cover of Thrasher magazine as an unknown, Thrasher would in just a few short years concede him to be “the most avant garde and influential skater of his generation” and he is still going.

“My relationship with Sullen has been great,” said Vallely. “It’s refreshing to be able to come into Sullen Headquarters and work directly with Ryan, Jeremy and their team. We are working on a video series with Sullen TV about what is going on right now in my life- skating every day, my new music project with Black Flag founder and guitarist Greg Ginn, a custom Mike V/Sullen Collaboration line of apparel, and its safe to say I will be adding to my tattoo collection with their world known roster of tattoo artists”

“Mike couldn’t be a better fit for Sullen” said co-owner/Creative Director Ryan Smith. “His legit passion for the art of the tattoo culture and his truly humble attitude towards life is what drew us to him, and we all hit it off instantly.” Co-Owner/Marketing Director Jeremy Hanna says “We have talked to Mike on and off for the last few years, and we are happy we finally got him on board. The entire Sullen Family welcomes him with open arms. When I think of Mike, I’m reminded of the definition of the word Sullen in the dictionary- ‘Being Silently Hostile.’ He has always been known to have integrity and attitude in the skateboard community, and he lives with the humility and respect that defines the tattoo culture, skateboard community and the Sullen brand.”

Today, Mike is as actively engaged in the skateboard world as ever. From running his own skateboard company, Elephant Brand Skateboards, to an active appearance and touring schedule; Mike is still on the front lines.

“The Key to Mike’s longevity is his DIY spirit and an understanding that any professional skateboarder’s greatest strength is getting on the road, meeting and greeting kids on their level, and helping them fall in love with skateboarding and find belonging.”-Lance Mountain

Mike is dedicated to skateboarding. So much that I’ve seen him risk everything just to make sure a demo performance was impressive enough to inspire the most staunch naysayers. He still rips and we are lucky to have him out there representing on a daily basis.”—Tony Hawk

Mike Vallely’s integrity and attitude in skateboarding shines through into all aspects of his life: Leader, father, rocker, fighter, spokesman. A true modern warrior.”—Tony Alva
About Sullen: Sullen is an Art-Driven lifestyle apparel brand that integrates like minded sub cultures within one platform. Co-Owner Ryan Smith, a professional tattoo artist for over 16 years has built relationships with some of the worlds top tattoo artists, graffiti artists, and painters – The ‘Sullen Art Collective.’ Sullen is also very deeply rooted in the local music scene and in action sports. We are not defined by any one style of music, single sport, artistic style or culture. We represent a community of culturally aware individuals inspired by a diverse range of interests, each of which is represented through Sullen’s underground movement. You could describe Sullen’s lifestyle in many ways… but it always comes back to the art.

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