Tampa Pro 2013 Results


2013′s Annual Tampa Pro at the Skatepark of Tampa was truly one for the history books. The renowned and celebrated contest celebrated its 20th year and hosted an epic gathering amongst many of the greatest skaters on the planet, mixed with industry VIP and insiders, vert veterans and more. When the dust in the skatepark settled, Luan Oliveira came out on top with the win with his consistency and supreme technical and powerful skills on his board. Congrats Luan!

Final Results
1. Luan Oliveira $20,000
2. Nyjah Huston $15,000
3. Chaz Ortiz $10,000
4. Paul Rodriguez $5,000
5. Austyn Gillette $4,000
6. Ishod Wair $3,000
7. Cody McEntire $2,000
8. Evan Smith $1,750
9. Sean Malto $1,500
10. Greg Lutzka $1,250
11. Felipe Gustavo $1,000
12. Max Genin $1,000

Silver Trucks Best Trick
1. Nyjah Huston – Gap kickflip backside nosebluntslide $3,000
2. Nick Merlino – Gap switch back lipslide $2,000
3. Walker Ryan – Switch backside kickflip 360 to flat $1,000
4. Shane O’Neill – Nollie backside flip late bigspin $1,000
4. Lucas Carvalho – Switch frontside tailslide 270 $1,000

The Skateboard Mag Fan Favorite Award
Austyn Gillette

Red Bull That S*!t’s Tight Award
Shane O’Neill

Gatorade Driven From Within Award
Grant Taylor

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