The Best Tricks of Street League 2012

Street League

With the Street League Championship less than a week away, you can’t help but to feel the excitement in the air. With stops in Kansas City, Ontario California, and Glendale Arizona, the skaters have been laying down some of their sickest stuff in route to the big show to be held on August 26th in New Jersey. If the first three contests were a shape of things to come, the Prudential Center is gonna be ridiculous! Only the top 8 skaters from the past 3 contests are allowed to keep for the championship, and they are as follows; Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Chaz Ortiz, Luan Oliveira, Bastien Salabanzi, Ryan Sheckler, with Huston currently holding the top spot with 280 points.

Street League has what they call “The 9 Club”, which is reserved for skaters who have throw down the hardest of hard tricks to score above a 9. Tricks have included Shane O’Neill’s Crooked Grind Nollie Flip Board Slide, Nyjah Huston‘s Kick Flip Backside Nose Blunt Slide down the Big Section rail, and Chaz Ortiz’s Kick Flip Backside Tail Slide Kick Flip, some of this stuff has been down right bananas! Only a handful of pros in the League who have nailed such tricks,  6 out of the 31 pros that have skated in Street League. Of the 5 skaters that nailed 9 point tricks this year, 4 of them are scheduled to compete on August 26th in New Jersey.

Here’s a recap of “The 9 Club” from this years past 3 stops, and be sure to stayed tuned to ESPN2 Live on August 26th at 5PM ET to see who gets crowned champion of this years Street League.




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  2. zilijen_sk8

    August 30, 2012 at 4:43 am

    Bastian is back

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