The Grate Depression

Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 12.36.12 PM

Instead of using traditional ramps and skateparks, boarders in this VicsMarket youtube video just use some skateboards and whatever they could find to make some alternative skate landscape. Cleverly Titled “The Grate Depression”, these skateboarders use what they’ve got. Some grates. This video is awesomely edited and I’m not the only person who enjoys it’s freshness with it’s nicely coordinated rhythm and speed. The current top comment on this video reads,

“I was eating almonds at the start and then started eating them progressively faster as the video went on.”

If you liked that little diddy, then you should check out one of their other top videos, “Skateboarding is a Crime”.
These guys really know how to mix some good music with sick tricks and a bit of humor.

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