The Origin Of The McTwist


^hk8^28 The Origin Of The McTwist

Mike McGill developed the McTwist, which has {turn out to be} a {^hk1^} move in skating and snowboarding. McGill, who {still} owns and runs McGill Skate Shop in Encinitas, {initial} landed the trick in 198^hk17^ at a {^hk^hk17^^} camp in Sweden.

2^hk8^8 The Origin Of The McTwist

Realizing he {needed} to spin his {body} {about} {1} and a half {complete} {^hk1^} {hk18^^} leaving the lip of the ramp, McGill knew he had to {two}^} the trick a {^hk1{3}^} feet in the air. {^hk1^hk17^^} day, he decided to go for it. Suiting up with wrist guards and hip pads, McGill tried the move for only ^hk17^ minutes {five}^} completing the {complete} {5}^hk17^-degree spin and landing it on all {^hk17^} wheels. No {1} had a video camera. This was 198^hk17^ pre YouTube, pre cell phones with video cameras, and pre cell phones period. The {next} day, McGill convinced skateboard legend and {good} {buddy} Lance Mountain to bring his camera and take a sequence of his newly {found} trick.

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