Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review

tony hawk

The year was 1999. Gas was right around $1.20 a gallon, Lance Armstrong was winning his first Tour de France, Myspace & Napster were first being introduced, and some dude named Bill Clinton was running things in Washington D.C. along with his fly lady friend Hillary. Along with all that, the good guys over at Neversoft and Activision were bringing us a title so epic that it would spawn 14 more titles after thatWe’re talking about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, originally released on the original Playstation platform. It wasn’t the first skateboarding game to ever be released, but it very well might be the most monumental.

tony hawk 2 Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Review

Today was the re-release of the game, in HD, on the Playstation 3, which is selling for $15 on the PS Network. The title has been out for a little while on the XBOX, and has recieved mixed reviews so far. Fans of the original will without a doubt feel a bit of nostalgia as they start dropping into classic levels, 7 all together, which seem to be some of the favorites from the first 2 Pro Skater Games. With some of the original soundtrack coupled with new tracks, some new skaters as well as old, the ability to do manuals but not reverts, it really feels like it has a little bit of something for everyone. We found a review of the XBOX version, that will show you a bit of the gameplay, as well as the ins and outs of what is in…and out…of the game. Feel free to comment below telling us what your favorite parts of the game seem to be, have you played it, or do you think you will? Let us know!


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