Top 10 Skateboarding Professor Memes

Top 10 Skateboarding Prof Meme

Professor Tom Winter was blasted into internet meme fame last Wednesday after a student caught him in a snapshot riding his skateboard in between classes at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. So I picked out my top 10 favorite skateboarding professor memes and here they are: ( I also hope you all go onto some meme generator website and create your own BETTER skateboarding professor meme )

No class Today, Board Meeting

skateboarding magazine

3 Degrees in School, 720 in the HalfPipe

skateboarding magazine

Hands Out Syllabus, as Paper Airplanes

skateboarding magazine

Write a Two-Page Paper, on Shredding the Gnar

skateboarding magazine

Summer’s Over, Back to the Grind

skateboarding magazine

The Math Test Tomorrow, will be on Radicals

skateboarding magazine

No Textbooks, Only Manuals

skateboarding magazine

Got a Promotion, Chair-man of the Board

skateboarding magazine

They See Me Rollin’, I’m Gradin’

skateboarding magazine

Has a PHD, in Righteousness

skateboarding magazine

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