Top 3 All-Terrain Skateboards

off road skateboarding

There’s a lot of “all-terrain” style skateboards on the market, but these 3 skateboards had just little more edge to them that set them apart as the Top 3.

1. Scarpar Electric Powersports Board

Scarpar electric skateboard Top 3 All Terrain Skateboards

Not only does this bad boy look like something Gene Roddenberry would ride, the Scarpar all-terrain electric powersports skateboard is unique because it uses articulating tracks for that ‘on rails’ experience off-road with each track individually powered giving a balanced feel while riding. This intergalactic off-road beast will set you back $3,799 US. Learn more about this electric skateboard at

2. The Rockboard Descender

rockboard skateboard descender Top 3 All Terrain Skateboards

To be a truly successful off-road, all-terrain skateboard, I think it’s got to be electric. You need the torque and the power. However, the Rockboard Descender comes in at number 2 because of it’s name. It’s only made to go downhill, which is ok, but the other unique aspect about this skateboard is the tank-like treads instead of the big inflated tires of all the other brands. The Rockboard Descender is set for release very soon. Keep up to date with this new skateboard at

3. The DTV SHREDDER by BPG Werks

This one was just for laughs, at first. It barely qualifies as a skateboard and, I mean, look at this picture.
dtv shredder skateboard Top 3 All Terrain Skateboards
How can you not laugh at how badass they are trying to look when, really, it just looks like some sort of weird “EXTREME SEGWAY.”
extreme segway bpg werks Top 3 All Terrain Skateboards
But, the DTV Shredder also proved itself worthy for number 3 after I clicked play on this video. It actually is pretty badass, other than the fact that you look like your riding a vacuum backwards really fast. Wow, wouldn’t it be cool it vacuumed too? Learn more at Hat Tip: Cafe Bixby & Pizza

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  1. JasonE

    April 8, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Nice article.. You should also add the wheelrider:

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