Leading five Badass Skateboarding Gifs

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Top five Badass Skateboarding Gifs.

There’s a lot of gifs on the web. Not all are equal. And whether or not they are fake or not, these are our Top five preferred skateboarding gifs,
( until some new ones come along )
Let your pc load for some epicness.


In this epic gif, a skateboarder goes over a ramp and jumps a car that crashes correct through said ramp. I wonder landing that went.

1242652747 skateboard jump over car Leading five Badass Skateboarding Gifs


In this skateboarding gif, we give props to this clearly seasoned skateboarder who trick bounces his skateboard off the floor prior to he hops on. This is why you respect your elders.

1272273224 bouncing skateboard Leading five Badass Skateboarding Gifs


We’ve all seen skateboarding videos exactly where individuals trick bounce their board off a wall. But can you bounce yourself off a wall and land back on your skateboard? This guy can.

1252480685 skateboars vs wall backflip Leading five Badass Skateboarding Gifs


This skateboarding gif is just sweet simply because you don’t ever see too many POV videos of skateboarding. It is usually the ride along following you with a camera, and granted the wide-angle lens is the well-liked option for videos, it doesn’t truly lend friendly for detail on seeing the complexity of a trick fairly like this does.

1314727662 kickflip pov Leading five Badass Skateboarding Gifs


Speaking of seeing the detail and complexity of a trick, slow-motion also exposes every small movement in a trick which can be poor if it’s highlighting your flaws, but great for a studying tool. In this guy’s case, it highlights his professional precision and badass chuck norris kick he does at the starting of the flip. And if you follow this website, you know damn nicely that slow motion makes everything appear cooler.

1292608962 azo slo mo skateboard jump Leading five Badass Skateboarding Gifs


  1. baskwith

    May 8, 2012 at 12:45 am

    I love it how the POV gif is my footage haha you’re welcome whoever decided to make a gif of it…

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